Charity Cycle Ride to South Coast and Back

Created by Michael July 13th, 2023 This event has closed


In memory of my brother and, the bikes that he owned that I am now the proud owner of, I am stupidly cycling the 67 odd miles to the South Coast and back home to raise money for the Brain Tumour Research charity. Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 that any other cancer, a sobering thought. The plan is to ride down on Thursday 13th July and ride back on the 14th. Because Frank owned two bikes I plan to ride down on the hybrid and cycle back on the ebike. I will be joined on both legs by a friend of mine, Chris Nicoll, who has done the Downs Link before so what could go wrong! Wish me luck as the longest I have ever ridden on a bike is 28 miles.


Closure...... but is there a twist in the tail?

October 9th, 2023
An email from the Much Loved charity has informed me that the event I ran is now closing. The page will still be open for donations and through everyone's generosity we smashed our target and raised over £2,600. Having got the bug now for this I am giving serious consideration to a similar event last year so watch this space!!! Thanks again to everyone Michael

Charity Bike ride - UPdate

July 15th, 2023
Its over!. The journey from the start of the Downs link on Thursday morning didn't start well as we got a bit lost. Having finally found it we pushed on making stops at various places on the way down there, mostly old railway stations, a coffee shop, points of interest etc. Some photos are below for you to look at. Having reached Shoreham some 40+ miles later, which is the end of the Downs Link we found a cafe for lunch before heading of to East Preston which was our final destination. What we thought would be the easiest part of the trip along the coastal cycle path turned out to be the toughest part of all as we encountered a really strong headwind which we didn't need at the end at that stage of the trip. After a swim in the sea and a shower we were looked after by my cousin who fed us and provided a bed for the night. The return trip the following day was wet and windy, not ideal conditions but we were now on the electric bikes and full of optimism. The only incident of note was a puncture that Chris had which we managed to fix and then headed off the compete the trip. Sore rear and tired legs but worth all the effort and delighted to have raised so much money thanks to your king generosity.